Services Offered

 Ace Window Cleaning offers a wide range of service options to choose from. All of our services are available for both the interior and exterior of your home. All window sills, tracks and frames are included with all of our window cleaning services. Don't see a service option, but think we can help? Let us know and we'll be happy to make every effort to accommodate your needs. All appointments in New Jersey carry a $95 minimum charge. 

Be sure to check our Price List for itemized pricing.  


There are dozens of styles of windows and doors out there, and our staff is familiar with all of them. We disinfect and clean the glass with hot water and a concentrated cleaning solution, removing dirt and debris in the process. We finish by towel drying the edges and cleaning the sill and frame of dirt, debris and cobwebs. 


Skylights add sunshine to any room but can become a real eye sore when they get dirty. Ace Window Cleaning has the ladders and equipment to safely clean any skylight, both inside and out. While we're up there, we'll take care of those unwanted cobwebs and debris. 


Don't forget about that beautiful picture window above your front door. Large or small, Ace can put the shine back into your entranceway. Our ladders will make cleaning the hardest to reach windows look easy. All palladians are guaranteed for six months, so if that pesky bird leaves his mark, give us a call and we'll take care of it. 


Our staff collects all of the screens in your home. We then soap and rinse each one individually. Each screen is then towel dried before being returned to its original window frame. Most screens only need to be cleaned once every 2-3 years, depending on location. 


Sunrooms can be a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it's casement windows, awnings,  or patio doors; even if it has a roof of glass... No matter the size or type of sunroom you have, Ace Window Cleaning will make sure the light shines in.  Prices vary as needed. 


Ace Window Cleaning has all the equipment needed to clean your greenhouse, inside and out. Our cleaning solution will remove the moss and mold from the glass but is eco-friendly, leaving your plants healthy and beautiful. Let Ace bring the sunlight back to your greenhouse. 


Have the elements made the light fixtures around the exterior of your home cloudy and dim? Do you have hard to reach lights inside the house? Ace WIndow Cleaning's trained professionals will safely handle all of your light cleaning needs. We'll even replace any burnt out bulbs. 


Properly cleaning a chandelier can be a delicate, time consuming process. Let the professionals expertly clean each pane of glass or crystal individually and dust the frame and change any bulbs. No chandelier is too high or too complicated. Prices vary with height and intricacy.  


Don't risk your own safety attempting to dust that hard-to-reach ceiling fan. Our professionals can do it for you in just minutes. We'll clean all the blades as well as the motor, and change any light bulbs needed. Prices vary depending on height and intricacy. 


Whether it's French Doors separating the rooms of your home, decorative and bathroom mirrors collecting dust and smudges, or soap build-up on your glass shower, the professionals at Ace Window Cleaning know how to make your interior glass shine again. 


More and more customers are turning to solar panels as an alternate source of energy. Direct sunlight will bake dirt and grime onto the glass surface of those panels. The pros at Ace Window Cleaning will make sure you are getting the most from those new solar panels. 


There are lots of ways the glass around your home can become stained. Not all stains can be removed, but the technicians at Ace will be upfront and honest about the problems we encounter. Certain stains, as well as paint and construction debris are often removable.