Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we commonly receive from new and potential customers throughout New Jersey. One of our experts is always available to personally answer all of your questions. So if you don't find your answer, give us a call or send us an email here.


Do I need to move my furniture or window dressings?


Absolutely not. In fact, we would prefer you let us take care of everything. Every member of our staff has been specifically trained to safely and carefully move furniture, open and close window dressings and protect all of your personal belongings. We take the special care that your home deserves. 


Do you clean the window sills?

Yes. Every window sill is wiped and cleaned of dirt and debris. When required, sills will also be vacuummed. We'll also wipe the frame of each window of dust and cobwebs. Keep in mind, long term exposure to the elements may leave windows sills stained. 


Are the screens included with the windows?

We're happy to take care of all your screen cleaning needs, however there is a separate charge for this service. Our process is much more involved, and time consuming, than a simple dusting. Each screen is collected, hosed off, scrubbed with soap and a soft brush, rinsed and towel dried. Most customers only require this process once every two or three years. We also offer screen removal and storage in the winter months, to lengthen the life of your screens. Screen cleaning is also offered at a reduced price several times throughout the year. 


Should I turn off my heat or air conditioning?

There's no need to worry about your electric bill going out the window. Your windows will be opened for the shortest amount of time possible, simply to lock or unlock any screens. On especially hot or cold days our staff will close doors behind themselves, to minimize the exposure from an open window. 


What should I expect the day of my appointment?

You can expect an Ace Window Cleaning crew to arrive within the scheduled time slot, prepared to get started. Members of the crew will begin on the interior of the  top floor of your home, working their way down to the ground level. At this point, different home with different types require different steps. Our staff will keep you informed of their steps throughout your visit. When all of the windows have been cleaned, a technician will do a lap of the interior of your home. He will lock all of the screens and windows and lower the window dressings halfway. He will also check each window for quality assurance. When this is completed, you should expect to pay your bill with a smile.